The Salvation Army’s USA National brand promise is ‘Doing the Most Good’. We are best known for the red kettles and Angel Tree programs at Christmas, Family Stores and The Salvation Army trucks , and perhaps our work during times of disaster. However, what many people do not realize is that the very motivation for ‘Doing the Most Good,’ behind every service, program and ministry of The Salvation Army, is the love of God. At its heart, The Salvation Army is a Christian church, with its sleeves rolled up!

TSA Dirty WorkFrom its very inception, The Salvation Army adopted a quasi-military structure, being rooted in the militaristic spirit prevalent in the mid-1800s when William and Catherine Booth founded the organization. This organizational style has proven effective in making the Army a highly disciplined and mobile organization, able to respond quickly and efficiently to human need whenever and wherever it arises.

The Salvation Army Officers (holding the ranks for Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lt. Colonel, Colonel, Commissioner, and our International Leader, the General) are ordained pastors and are the leaders of our Worship and Community Centers. Church members are called Soldiers, being easily identified by their navy blue uniforms, and we refer to our churches as Corps.

The Salvation Army is a Christian ministry that provides services to anyone regardless of religion or beliefs. We are called to serve in Christ’s name without discrimination and value each person as God’s creation who is loved beyond measure.