On This Day In History June 21: Catherine Booth Made Her Last Public Address

Catherine Booth

In 1888, Catherine Booth, The Army Mother, made her last public address at City Temple in London, England. Here is a quote from her speech that day:

“Perhaps on no point has The Salvation Army suffered persecution more than on this one point of its teaching—that it teaches a Savior not only willing to pardon, but who does pardon absolutely, and who communicates a sense of that pardon by His Holy Spirit to the hears of those who truly repent and sincerely believe, with a living faith, in Him, and not only washes their past sins away but has the power to keep them from their sins, and will, if they trust in Him, enable them to live in righteousness and holiness all their lives, walking in obedience to His commands, keeping that inner law of which we have just heard—the law of Christ—which is the most perfect law and fulfills all others—loving the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, soul, and strength, and they neighbor as thyself.”