2011 High Council Summoned Women Will Outnumber Men

FOR the first time in its 82-year history The Salvation Army’s High Council will have more female members than males.

The 17th High Council convenes on Friday 21 January 2011 at Sunbury Court, United Kingdom, to elect the 19th General of The Salvation Army in succession to General Shaw Clifton who will retire at midnight on 1 April 2011. This will also be the largest-ever High Council with 109 members – 59 women and 50 men.

The Chief of the Staff, Commissioner Barry C. Swanson, issued summonses on 1 December 2010 to those Salvation Army leaders who qualified for membership. All active commissioners, territorial commanders and territorial presidents for women’s ministries were summoned. There will be 83 commissioners and 26 colonels present.

Council members will also meet at Sunbury Court from Tuesday 18 January until Thursday 20 January for a plenary session of the General’s Consultative Council led by General Clifton.

A public welcome to the High Council takes place on Saturday 22 January at 4 pm in the Nine Kings Suite of the Lancaster London Hotel, Hyde Park. This gathering will incorporate a Retirement Salute to General Shaw Clifton and Commissioner Helen Clifton.

Our own territorial leaders—Commissioners Max & Lennie Feener will be in attendance, along with Southern officers Colonels Ken & Paula Johnson, territorial leaders for Eastern Europe.

Be in prayer for the leadership of the International Salvation Army especially during the time of the High Council.

The members of The Salvation Army's High Council in 2011

The members of The Salvation Army's High Council in 2011 (cont'd)

Individual photos of all the members of the 2011 High Council are located on flickr.com.

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