24-7 Prayer: The Global Call

Salvationists from nations around the globe are being called to united, focused intercession – the need for justice for the oppressed, according to Luke 18 by the International Leader of The Salvation Army, General Shaw Clifton. Here is the full text of the Call, published on 1 November 2010:

Dear Comrades and Friends in Christ,

A GLOBAL CALL TO 24-7 PRAYER: A day and night cry for justice

Following thorough preparation by the Centre for Spiritual Life Development (a department of International Headquarters) and prayerful consideration by the International Management Council, I have agreed to the launching of A Global Call to Prayer: A day and night cry for justice (Luke 18:7) to all Salvationists, to commence on 1 January 2011.

Therefore, I am writing to my fellow Salvationists around the world, to call you to united, focused intercession in relation to the need for justice for the oppressed, according to Luke 18.

The spreading corrosive influence of human trafficking, corruption, and impurities beyond imagining call for nothing less than Salvationists to be on our knees before the One who alone can bring about a restoration of justice in the earth, even a holiness revival. Indeed, the great need of the times in which we live and serve urges us onward in day and night prayer.

Many Salvation Army territories around the world are already engaged in 24-7 prayer, with more prayer rooms and prayer networks being developed continually.

In recent years The Salvation Army’s Centre for Spiritual Life Development in London and the International Social Justice Commission in New York City have been established and are born of the Spirit. This call to prayer will produce a spiritual synergy the world over.

In Luke 18:8 Jesus concludes his teaching with the question, “However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”

Perhaps Jesus is looking for evidence of faith on the earth upon his return, in his chosen ones crying out to him day and night. May The Salvation Army be a part of the faith that he finds.

Yours in Christ,

Shaw Clifton

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