30-year Partnership Marked by Construction of New School in Port-au-Prince

Port-au-Prince, HAITI – Kindernothilfe (KNH) has signed on as the sponsor for the reconstruction of College Verena on The Salvation Army’s Delmas 2 compound.

In April 2011, the Army will celebrate 30 years of partnership with KNH, a German organization dedicated to supporting the development of children and young people. “I am really very happy that we have advanced to this step in our collaboration,” said Dr. Jürgen Thiesbonenkamp, chair of the KNH board of directors, during a recent visit to Port-au-Prince.

Thiesbonenkamp, along with his colleagues and the director of KNH Haiti, had the opportunity to tour the Delmas 2 compound and see the progress that has been made in preparation for demolition set to begin March 1. College Verena now occupies two temporary classrooms. When construction is finished there will be separate buildings for kindergarten, primary and secondary school children with age-appropriate classrooms. College Verena administrator, Major Sylvaine Maegli, and HRD Construction Manager, Major Jean Volet, have been working closely with architects to ensure the new school will be a safe, child-friendly space that promotes learning.

Measures, including the construction of a separate entrance specifically for school children and fencing around the demolition and construction areas, have been taken to ensure the safety of all College Verena students and teachers during the construction process. “It is very important for children to live and study in security,” said Dr. Thiesbonenkamp.

Prior to the earthquake, KNH partnered with The Salvation Army to support programs of La Maison du Bonheur children’s home as well as College Verena and The Salvation Army’s school at Fort National. KNH maintains its commitment to both the education of young people and its partnership with The Salvation Army in undertaking this invaluable post-earthquake construction project.

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