A Fresh Start

Joseph Moreno and his family were excited as they packed up their belongings and set off on the long trip from California to Texas. A steady job and a new start for the family awaited them at the end of their journey. It was early June and the children were looking forward to exploring their new surroundings during summer vacation.

However, the family’s plans and dreams were left in tatters upon arrival in Texas. The job and accommodation that had been promised fell through and they suddenly found themselves with no job, no place to stay, and no finances for a hotel room. After spending several uncomfortable nights sleeping in their car, the family made their way to The Salvation Army, seeking assistance.

The Salvation Army was able to help, providing food and a short term stay in a hotel. “The family was in a terrible situation and I was so pleased that we could help,” said Kathy Davidson, The Salvation Army Pleasanton Service Center Director. “During their initial visit I realized that children from our city were going to Camp Hoblitzelle the very next day. After making a last minute call to the camp staff, I was delighted to be able to invite the children to join our group for the week.”

Manuel and Jessica boarded the bus headed for Camp Hoblitzelle in Midlothian, TX. They made lots of new friends and had a fun week at camp, far from the worries at home. The children enjoyed the daily activities including swimming, boating, fishing and horse riding. They attended Bible classes and Worship services for the first time and significantly, both made decisions for Christ during the week.

Meanwhile, back at home, Joseph secured a job driving a truck for The Salvation Army, and the family was preparing to move into an apartment. The week at camp not only enriched the lives of the children, but it also provided essential time for the Morenos to find jobs and bring stability to their situation that had looked so desperate only a few days earlier.

The children returned home from camp eager to share stories of their week with their parents. “We were able to welcome our children home to a new apartment and a much better situation thanks to the help we received,” said Joseph. “The kids had a great time at camp and we are very grateful to The Salvation Army.” Today, Joseph works for a trucking company and the family is preparing to purchase their first home. The children are doing well in school and look forward to attending camp again this summer!

We hope to have the necessary funding to provide a potentially life changing week at Camp Hoblitzelle to every child who wishes to attend. Please consider helping a child come to camp this summer by donating to The Salvation Army.

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