Chattanooga Salvation Army Remains on Standby for Disaster Duty

Chattanooga, TN – The Chattanooga Salvation Army remains on Standby for emergency disaster relief following its assistance at the Jaycee Towers Wednesday evening due to a broken downtown water main that interrupted service.  This time, however, the local Army’s disaster response team and its Emergency Canteen are on Standby as severe storms threaten South-central Kentucky and North-central Tennessee.

Severe weather including possible flooding is expected along the Stateline into the weekend, and the Kentucky-Tennessee Divisional Emergency Disaster Services Office has called on the Chattanooga first responders to be ready to go again to help those affected by disaster.

In Chattanooga on Wednesday evening, The Salvation Army Disaster Relief Team was called to assist at the Jaycee Towers because a downtown water main break resulted in extremely low water pressure, and residents were without service for several hours.  The Army Team served nearly 600 bottles of water and several dozen cups of coffee to the affected residents.

Incident Commander at the Chattanooga emergency site, Kimberly George said, “We try always to be ready to go to do the most good when we’re called on.  This is a highlight of The Salvation Army’s mission to ‘serve people in need in Jesus’ name without discrimination.”

The Chattanooga Area Command is part of The Salvation Army’s Kentucky-Tennessee Division of the Southern Territory.