International News Webcast-Archive Welcome of the High Council & Retirement Salute To General Shaw Clifton & Commissioner Helen Clifton

The High Council website hosted a live webcast of the Welcome to the High Council and Retirement Salute to General Shaw Clifton and Commissioner Helen Clifton.

The link below will take you to an archive recording of the gathering at a London hotel. Each territorial leader was welcomed and includes our own Commissioners Max & Lennie Feener, Commissioners Steve & Judy Hedgren, and Colonels Ken & Paula Johnson. Music is provided by the International Staff Band, and the combined songster brigades of Bromley and Enfield, two London corps that the Clifton’s commanded during their service as active officers. Bandmaster Bill Rollins, New England DMD, USA Eastern Territory (where the Clifton’s were divisional leaders) sings, and a new musical work written for the occasion is presented by the combined music groups. Look carefully and you will also briefly observe in the congregation Captain Michele Matthews who is currently a delegate at the ICO in London. Representative tributes to the General and Commissioner Clifton with responses from them are followed by a message from General Clifton.

View the webcast here!