Lubbock Salvation Army hosts Recycling Style Show

Summer clothing and essential back-to-school fashion were on show during the Recycling Style Show, held on August 7 at The Salvation Army Redbud Thrift Store in Lubbock. The show was planned not only to promote the Family Stores, but also to give the 16 women, girls and boys selected to model from The Salvation Army’s shelter and church programs some much needed love and assistance. The women and girls received free haircuts from Mr. Tom’s Salon and Spa. In addition, skilled volunteers provided makeup and hair styling before the show. The boys received cologne and smelled wonderful on the day of the Style Show. All participants were allowed to choose and keep the clothing they modeled.

The Salvation Army will host another Style Show in April at the Family Store located in downtown Lubbock at 1420 Avenue J.

More information about The Salvation Army in Lubbock can be found on their Facebook page at

Gabrielle Santana and Alexis Johnson model overalls as a hot back-to-school style at The Salvation Army Family Store in Lubbock

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