National Salvation Army Week – Adam Janelli

As part of National Salvation Army Week, Major James Taylor and Major Brian Gilliam (DHQ) planted Salvation Army flags at the grave of Adam Janelli at Oakland Cemetery, Dallas, TX.

A captain in the Italian Navy, Adam Janelli first witnessed The Salvation Army’s work in Calcutta, India. The outreach he saw and the meetings he attended while in India were to change his life forever. Janelli immigrated to the USA in 1888 and eventually settled in Dallas.

Rough citizens of the frontier town of Dallas were startled one day when the Italian immigrant, attired in his Salvation Army uniform, began preaching on a downtown corner. That was over 120 years ago and today Janelli is credited as the founder of The Salvation Army in Texas.

Every time he had any degree of success with his street meetings, Janelli would send a long and earnest letter to the General asking that officers be sent to Texas to lead the work. The letter barrage got so thick that The Salvation Army’s work was officially opened in Texas in 1889.

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