Salvation Army Clinic In Haiti Prepares For Influx of Cholera Patients

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – The Salvation Army clinic in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, led by Dr. Danielle Prosper, is preparing to treat a possible influx of cholera patients.

In recent weeks, Haiti has experienced a rise in the number of people contracting cholera.   The disease is primarily spread through contact with dirty water.

The clinic is surrounded by an Internally Displaced Persons camp managed by The Salvation Army in partnership with Concern Worldwide and Viva Rio.  The camp shelters 13,000 residents.  While conditions are harsh, the camp does have a sufficient supply of safe drinking water, toilets, and a good drainage system.

For some months, classes have been conducted in the camp teaching women and children the importance of thorough hand washing and cooking of food.

The Salvation Army is communicating with Haitian health officials regarding the government’s recommended course of treatment for victims and also to acquire an adequate supply of vaccine for medical staff and response workers.

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