Salvation Army Donation Kettle Stolen in Corpus Christi

CORPUS CHRISTI – Police are looking for a suspect who stole a Salvation Army donation pail outside of a local department store.

Salvation Army bell ringers. Every year, their jangling attracts generous donations for the homeless. But it seems as though the ringing of the bells, also attract less than generous souls.

Valentin Garcia with the Salvation Army said, “One of our kettles got stolen from the stand.”

According to the Salvation Army, during the Black Friday madness one of the bell ringers outside a local department store, left her stand for a bathroom break.

While she was gone, someone managed to yank on the chain hard enough to actually rip it from it’s stand, making off with close to $300 worth of donations.

“I guess it just comes with the area. I don’t know. It’s hard to explain. Some people are just vindictive and demonic that they got to feed their bad nature. So they pick on the people that are doing good, trying to make the most out of themselves,” said Wayne Haggerton.

Haggerton has been manning a Salvation Army station a few times now, and is shocked to hear that someone would steal from those who already have so little.

“Actually, we never really had a problem like that. But when we do have it, it just comes with the holiday season,” Wayne said.

And though thefts are more common during the holidays, officials with the Salvation Army says it’s saddening to know that the kids will have less this year.

“And that’s at least a good dozen kids that we could have bought gifts for. The only thing now, is we’re pleading for them to please return the kettle. I know we’re not getting our money back and we can’t replace it. But we would like our kettle back because that is an expensive item,” said Garcia.

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