Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services Respond To Flooding In Texas Communities, Continue To Monitor The Situation Across Texas

The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) office has released the following update on the effects of TS Hermine’s trek across Texas as of 11 a.m., 9/8/2010:

  • Temple, Texas: Flooding has been reported in the area, and The Salvation Army mobile feeding unit (canteen) has responded flooding in Belton, which has affected approximately 25 homes. The unit and personnel are currently serving meals to victims and first responders and providing clean-up kits; further details of services provided and numbers served will be released later in the day.
  • Corpus Christi, Texas: The mobile feeding unit and EDS personnel traversed local flooded areas yesterday evening, but found no one in need of emergency service. No major damage has been reported in the wake of local flooding. Salvation Army EDS personnel and the mobile feeding unit are monitoring the situation, maintaining contact with local Emergency Management (EM) personnel, and remain on standby.
  • Killeen, Texas: Locally, a trailer park was evacuated and two shelters were open. The Salvation Army administrator, Lt. Jason Moore, contacted Emergency Management and offered assistance; EM personnel reported assistance was not needed at the present time.
  • Freeport, Texas: Reports of local flooding, but no reports of damage. Salvation Army EDS personnel are maintaining contact with the local Emergency Management office. The Salvation Army mobile feeding unit, staff, and volunteers remain on standby.
  • Kerrville, Texas: Local flooding has not caused major damage. Salvation Army EDS staff, volunteers, and the mobile feeding unit remain on standby and are ready to serve in any area, as needed. Maintaining contact with local Emergency Management office.
  • McAllen: No major damage caused by local incidents of flooding. In contact with local Emergency Management, and Salvation Army mobile feeding unit and EDS personnel are maintaining standby status.
  • Waco, Texas: Completed morning conference call with local Emergency Management personnel. Local flooding has been reported, but there are no reports of damage or a need for EDS assistance. Highway 35 was closed due to flooding and high winds on Sept. 7th; vehicles were reported to have been blown off of the highway (no reported injuries).
  • San Antonio, Texas: There have been reports of local flooding, trees downed by high winds, and power outages to homes in the area, but the Emergency Management office has not requested EDS response at this time. Salvation Army personnel and equipment are maintaining standby status.

Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services personnel are monitoring the weather conditions across Texas. Widespread, sustained rain and high winds in some areas are concerns, as they may lead to flash floods, power outages, downed trees, property damage or loss, and injury.

Salvation Army EDS personnel and mobile feeding units stationed across Texas  stand ready to deploy within minutes of a request for assistance from their local Emergency Management office and will remain on standby as long as necessary. Additional Salvation Army EDS units and personnel can be called in from neighboring states, if necessary.

The Salvation Army will continue to monitor the situation and respond with Emergency Disaster Services as necessary.

For more information about The Salvation Army emergency disaster services program or to support The Salvation Army’s emergency relief efforts please visit, call1-800-SAL-ARMY, or contact your local Salvation Army Corps.  For current information on Salvation Army disaster activities, follow on Twitter @SalArmyEDS.

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