Bermuda:- The Salvation Army continues its involvement in relief efforts at the Cedarbridge emergency shelter and on the streets as hurricane Igor now begins its movement away from Bermuda.  Over the past 48 hours individuals seeking shelter from the storm have increased to over 100, and volunteers have prepared and served over 450 meals.  For those individuals within the homeless community who decided to remain on the streets we have ensured team members are deployed to provide food and any assistance that might be required.

As the storm continues its northwest course and moves away from the island The Salvation Army stands ready to provide assistance as required or requested in coordination with government emergency management officials. As clean-up begins regional Salvation Army sites are ready to provide food to maintenance crews and other authorities who will be actively working to get the island back to a state of normalcy.

“It has been incredible to observe the cooperation and commitment of our volunteer and officer team in response to this event,” says Major Shawn Critch, Divisional Commander, Bbermuda.  “Our responsibility is to the homeless and our team has worked tirelessly over the past five days to ensure we were ready to serve ‘our’ people with dignity and respect.”

“This experience has been challenging, fulfilling, and enjoyable, says Carol McDowall, coordinator for our food services team.  “But most of all it has been very rewarding when you hear the ‘thank yous’ and see the smiling facing of those here at the shelter that we are here to serve.  We are, and have been, the Bible in action.”

Mr. Rudolph Hollis, volunteer Emergency Disaster Services coordinator, has played a vital part in the relief effort.  “Our focus has been, and will continue to be, the people of Bermuda.”

The Emergency Management Organization will be meeting later this morning to determine next steps for Bermuda and her people.  The government liaison with The Salvation Army, Mr. Alfred Maybury, will provide further direction later today as to the expectations for the Army as we now enter the post-storm stage.

The Bermuda division is grateful for the prayerful support from many throughout the Canada and Bermuda Territory and indeed around the world.

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