Salvation Army Sends Help to Maverick County, Texas

(Eagle Pass-TX) The Salvation Army of Texas has been busy in Maverick County this morning responding to a countywide flood that swept in suddenly on September 10th. The Salvation Army Service Extension in Eagle Pass began assisting flood victims immediately as requests came pouring in for help with cleaning supplies and other household necessities.

In addition to the assistance being provided by the local Service Extension, The Salvation Army deployed a Mobile Feeding Unit from Kerrville, Texas, at 9:30 a.m. this morning to begin serving meals to first responders and flood victims. Salvation Army Officers, staff and volunteers intend to serve three meals daily and will most likely stay until Sunday or Monday next week and anticipate serving at least 200 meals at each service through the weekend.

The Salvation Army Canteen will be setting up today at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church at  800 North Comal Street in Eagle Pass.

Lieutenant Sarah Gottlich, Salvation Army Officer leading the Kerrville team noted hearing that some areas saw as much as 6 feet of water, but hadn’t witnessed any flooding on the main roads. More information will follow once Lt. Gottlich and the deployed Salvation Army team has evaluated the severity of the flooding and pinpointed the locations of greatest need.

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