Seventeenth High Council: Ever-Present Spirituality Deepens

Sunbury Court, London: Throughout the 2011 High Council there has been an ever-present spirituality. From the first morning more than a week ago the intentional reliance of the council members on the power of the Holy Spirit has been obvious.

Today (Friday), during the opening question answering sessions, this connection with God appeared to deepen. There was a definite sense of holy responsibility throughout the chamber.

During the presentation of answers the High Council members are to listen without responding in any way. Despite this limitation there was an atmosphere of affirmation for each candidate and, where applicable, their spouse. Before each speaker participated, High Council President Commissioner James Knaggs called for a time of silent prayer.

Devotions commenced the day with High Council Chaplain Commissioner Vic Poke reading from selected Psalms and leading singing of Salvation Army Song Book (SASB) song 412 ‘Christ, whose glory fills the skies’ and chorus 99 ‘Silently now I wait for thee’, which led into a time of prayer.

Commissioner Poke assured God that, ‘we have confidence in you and we are thrilled that you have confidence in us’.

Prior to the second session, Commissioner Debi Bell prayed, ‘refresh us again God with your living water’.

The final evening session concluded with the singing of SASB song 220 ‘Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God almighty’.

The remaining candidates and, where applicable, spouses will respond to the questions tomorrow (Saturday.).