Seventeenth High Council Welcome To The World And Worship

London, England: Sunday, the third day of the Salvation Army’s seventeenth High Council, commenced with a welcome to the world and a worship service.

The High Council members were keen to be in worship again as many of them had been greatly touched by the Holy Spirit during the welcome meeting and retirement salute on Saturday.

There is no doubt that each of the members of the 2011 High Council want to be in tune with God as they work toward the election of the Army’s nineteenth General.

They also want Salvationists and friends around the world to join with them in prayer for God’s will to be done. Commissioner William Francis, the President of the High Council, made this clear during a ‘Welcome to the World’ video filmed on Sunday morning prior to the High Council worship meeting. The video can be viewed at on the High Council website.

When urging the world to support the High Council the commissioner asked for people to pray ‘that the High Council members will know, and have the courage to do, God’s will’.

Following the departure of the film crew High Council Chaplain Commissioner Max Feener encouraged the council members to enjoy God’s presence as they entered into further worship.

During an opening prayer time lead by Commissioner James Knaggs a number of council members asked the Holy Spirit to fall upon the gathering.

In his stirring and challenging message Commissioner Feener drew many lessons from Joshua 5:13- 6:21 which had earlier been read by Colonel Mirriam Mavundla.

The commissioner declared that ‘we all need to go deeper with God’. He said that ‘we can have confidence in God’s promises, plans and power for the days ahead.

After being refreshed by the worship the High Council spent a number of hours working through further procedural matters in relation to the election of the next General.