Staff Treat Man Pulled from Rubble After 27 Days

Salvation Army personnel provided initial triage to the latest survivor of the Haitian earthquake that is reported to have killed 230,000 people.  Evan Ocinia, a 28 year old man, was brought to The Army’s clinic in the Delmas 2 neighborhood of Port-au-Prince after being miraculously pulled from the rubble in the Lionshead marketplace on the morning of February 8.  Two men digging thorough the rubble heard Evans calling out to them.  They pulled him out and took him to The Army’s clinic.

The man said that he had just finished selling rice at the downtown flea market on the day the earthquake struck. It is thought that he survived on little more than water and possibly some fruit under the rubble for almost 4 weeks.

“Evan was extremely dehydrated and had skin wounds but he didn’t appear to have any critical wounds or broken bones,” according to Major Evelyn Chavez, Emotional and Spiritual Care Officer. “He was able to hold his head up on his own and take some small sips of water from the doctor who accompanied the transport.”

Salvation Army personnel transported Evan to the University of Miami Hospital, which is located adjacent to the airport in Port au Prince. He was reported to be in a stable condition on Tuesday, February 9, and was being treated for dehydration and malnutrition.

The Salvation Army responded immediately to the earthquake in Haiti, with local Salvationists being quickly joined by international personnel.  The Salvation Army has assumed responsibility for the care of nearly 20,000 people living in the temporary camp near its compound in Port-au-Prince.  In addition, service sites are located in Petit Goave and Jacmel and distribution sites are in Croix-des-Bouquets (6 mi east of PAP) and Balan (18 mi east of PAP). Its medical clinic continues to treat more than 250 people a day on-site, with several transfers daily to the hospital.

Haiti Disaster Statistics as of February 6, 2010



Numama Rice delivered

2,041,400 meals

MEARS  Ready Eat delivered

6,900 meals

Bottled Water 20oz delivered

23,328 servings

Jugs of Water delivered

6,720 gallons

Water Filtration Systems

30,000 gallons/day

Total Water Supplied

500,000 gallons


8×8 Tents delivered

2,900 tents

Cots delivered

480 cots


Patients Served

16,110 individuals

MASH Tent delivered

1 tent

Medical Supplies delivered

8,710 lbs

Hygiene Kits delivered

1,500 kits


Rubbermaid Coolers delivered

480 coolers

Duffel Bags delivered

310 bags

Canvas Tote Bags delivered

10,000 bags


Cargo Flights

10 flights

Cargo Items

556,000 lbs

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