Stakeholders Meet to Plan Future of Port-au-prince Clinic

Port-au-prince, Haiti — Stakeholders met last week to discuss the future of The Salvation Army’s primary healthcare clinic.

Representatives from donor territories met with HRD, divisional and territorial staff, including Major Lucien Lamartinière, Haiti Divisional Commander, and Dr. Danielle Prosper to determine programming needs moving forward. After a week of site visits and productive discussions, the formal project writing process will begin.

Dr. Danielle Prosper, clinic administrator, looks forward to more updated facilities to serve clients and hopes to expand the clinic’s community outreach to include health workers who can assess needs and educate residents on health issues in their daily lives.

“The clinic is one of my favorite programs in the division,” said Major Lamartinière. It is a financially self-sustaining program that benefits the immediate community and many who come from outside the city for services.

The Salvation Army’s primary healthcare clinic has been in operation for 40 years. It began as a community clinic for nearby residents but now serves people from all over Port-au-prince and surrounding areas. The clinic currently provides infant care, pre- and postnatal care, vaccinations for children and pregnant women, family planning, treatment for malnutrition, HIV testing and open consultation for adults in addition to an on-site pharmacy.

The most common illnesses treated at the clinic include adult hypertension, diabetes and ulcers, gynecological infections, and respiratory infections and malnutrition in children. The clinic also regularly treats endemic illnesses including malaria, typhoid, tuberculosis and now cholera.

The primary health care clinic is unique in that it operates solely from the fees collected from its patients. As the Army looks to expand the capacity of the clinic and upgrade the facilities, maintaining the sustainability of the clinic is an integral component of planning.

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