The Salvation Army FY 2006/2007 Service Statistics

This summary represents a combining of data extracted from the Audited Financial Statements of six USA corporations. Four of these – the Central Territory, the Eastern Territory, the Southern Territory and the Western Territory – supervise 8,500 units of operation throughout the United States including Puerto Rico, Guam and the Marshall Islands. The two remaining corporations are the World Service Office and the National Corporation. Inter-corporation transactions have been eliminated for presentation purposes.

Centers of Operation

People Served

Corps 1,263 Basic Social Services 14,659,684
Outposts and Service Centers 175 Holiday Assistance 4,335,870
Rehabilitation Centers 156 Summer & Day Camp 204,366
Thrift Shops 1,371 Disaster Assistance 1,203,683
Community Centers, Boys/Girls Club 365 Persons Visited in Institutions 3,046,031
Child Day-Care Centers 154 Job Referrals 103,776
Adult Day-Care Centers 18 Correctional Services 502,106
Senior Citizen Centers 271 Community Centers Participants 1,114,909
Group Homes / Temp Housing 538 Persons Served in SA Institutioins 1,131,581
Permanent Residences 75 Substance Abuse Rehabilitation 340,258
Medical Facilities 52 Medical Care 52,334
Service Units 2936 Transportation Provided 831,968
Camps 47 Missing Persons 148,856
Divisions 40 Day Care 166,503
Training Colleges 4 Senior Citizens 1,033,094
Other 221    
Total Centers of Operations 7,686 Total Persons Assisted 28,875,019
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