The Salvation Army in Port-au-prince; The Next Step—Moving forward with plans for the Army in Delmas 2

Port-au-prince, Haiti — As the end of planning phase two draws near, Chilean architects from Habiterra have presented a scale model and plans for the reconstruction of The Salvation Army’s Delmas 2 compound.

Key players from The Salvation Army, including the Divisional Commander and directors from the HRD office, College Verena and the clinic, and the director of KNH Haiti, who is funding a large part of the project, assembled for the presentation.

“It’s a very modern and practical school,” said Major Sylvaine Maegli, College Verena Administrator.

The plan, now more developed, includes separate buildings for kindergarten, primary and secondary students, a centrally located administration building for control and accessibility and doors and hallways designed to provide access to handicapped children and adults. There are also plans for a small soccer field, storage for sports equipment, a library and cafeteria.

Dr. Danielle Prosper was present to provide input on the plans for the clinic. According to Dr. Danielle, the new clinic will be a definitive place for loyal patients who have followed the clinic from one location to the next after the earthquake. “They deserve this,” she said of the patients and families who have come to the Army’s clinic in Delmas 2 for generations.

Over the course of the meeting, a number of minor, but critical, adjustments were proposed; including relocating the living quarters to a more central location, eliminating the ground-level pedestrian walkway between the two compounds and the entrance by the public park to minimize security risk.

Habiterra will now revise the plans and present them, along with a new model, to the Army and KNH for final approval. “Everything has been positive to this point,” said Major Lucien Lamartinière, Divisional Commander. He awaits the new plans that include a church that can seat nearly 3,000 people.

Moving into the next phases, Habiterra will put a price tag on the project, provide more details on the internal layout of the buildings and make recommendations on Haitian firms equipped to take on the construction. Habiterra will also explore how to provide water for restrooms to accommodate some 1,500 students in addition to water for drinking and food preparation; no small task.

The Delmas 2 compound has marked the presence of The Salvation Army in Port-au-prince for 60 years. The fate of the structures on both sides of the compound has been a critical issue following the 2010 earthquake that damaged the buildings beyond repair.

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