The Salvation Army Is An Ever Present Help In Alabama Disaster Relief

Birmingham, AL (Jan. 24, 2012) The Salvation Army’s second day of service in the Greater Birmingham Area and Chilton County continues to be an ever present help in times of disaster. For the past twenty four hours The Salvation army has literally been working non-stop to provide food and comfort to those affected by the tornadoes. Along the streets in Northeast Jefferson County hundreds of homes that were damaged during the tornado were being cleaned and debris moved to the street. People living in these homes lost everything and now must start their lives again from scratch, many for the second time in less than nine months.

With The Salvation Army canteen delivering sack lunches and drinks to the people affected in the area signs of gratitude and relief were seen in the residents and the volunteers helping to clear out homes.

Despite the damage and destruction there is still a good sense of hope and positive spirit among the people. Neighbors, churches and volunteers are working side by side with community agencies to begin the recovery process.

While the residents work to restore their life, The Salvation Army’s canteens will be out providing food, hydration and a ministry of presence. Chaplains will be available to comfort and pray with residents.

Five mobile feeding units have been deployed across the region.

• Feeding unit in Maplesville roaming.

• Feeding unit at Centerpoint Courthouse in Centerpoint.

• Feeding unit in Clay at the Paradise Valley Subdivision.

• Feeding unit in Oak Grove roaming.

• Feeding unit in Clay roaming.

• Feeding unit at First Baptist Church Maplesville, Corner of Main Street and Highway 22.

“The Salvation Army is doing what we do in times of disaster. We are reaching out to those impacted by the tornados with words of comfort and assurance along with a hot meal and cold cup of water. We’re like family – we just want to be there to do what we can to make things a little better and to help share the load. And we’re going to continue to do that until life starts to get back to some sense of normalcy for these, our friends and family who call the Greater Birmingham area, home.” Major Bob Parker, Area Commander for The Salvation Army Greater Birmingham Area Command.

The Salvation Army anticipates an extended presence in the impacted areas, offering food & hydration, emotional and spiritual support as relief, recovery and clean up continue. Financial donations are needed and can be made to The Salvation Army at or by calling 1-800-Sal-Army (725-2769). Please follow us on twitter at