The Salvation Army Pledges $6 Million for Long-Term Tornado Recovery—Financial Aid, Casework & Community Projects Planned for Storm Ravaged South

Atlanta, GA –In April and May of 2011 tornadoes, floods, and other severe weather tore across the southern United States leaving many dead and many more homeless and hungry. In service of the survivors, The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) team provided immediate material, emotional, and spiritual care to thousands. As the disaster operation transitions from response into long-term recovery, The Salvation Army will continue to support relief efforts. Over the next 12 months, the Army will utilize approximately $6 million to help alleviate ongoing hardships faced by the individuals and families who lost so much.

Recovery funding will be allocated among the four (4) Salvation Army Divisions most affected by the severe storms and employed in communities in eight (8) states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Depending on local needs, funds will be utilized as direct financial assistance for survivors, to fund additional response staff positions, and for signature community projects to be determined by local community leaders and Salvation Army personnel.

“Through the provision of financial assistance, casework, and long-term community building, The Salvation Army will ensure that survivors have the tools necessary to restore their lives,” said Jeff Jellets, The Salvation Army’s Southern Territorial Disaster Coordinator. “The Salvation Army has served in the United States for more than 130 years. We were here before the storms and we will be here long after meeting needs in the local community.”

The four (4) Salvation Army divisions included in this plan are:

ALM Division (Serving Alabama, Louisiana & Mississippi)
• Total Allocation: $3.25 Million

• $2.25 million for direct disaster recovery assistance

• $1 million for community projects

KTN Division (Serving Kentucky, Tennessee & Northwest Georgia)

• Total Allocation: $1.5 Million

• $1 million for direct disaster recovery assistance

• $500,000 for community projects

GEO Division (Serving Georgia)

• Total Allocation: $1 Million
• $750,000 for direct disaster recovery assistance

• $250,000 for community projects

AOK Division (Serving Arkansas & Oklahoma)

• Total Allocation: $250,000

• $250,000 for direct disaster recovery assistance

As of July 5, 2011, The Salvation Army’s Southern Territory had raised approximately $11 million dollars for April and May tornado, flood, and severe storm relief. Following the storms, The Salvation Army committed $3 million to response efforts and has now allocated an additional $6 million to long-term recovery efforts over the next 12 months. As communities rebuild and survivors’ needs change, The Salvation Army will adjust its long-term recovery plan and allocate all remaining funds and any additional April and May 2011 storm relief funds received to help ensure that its services continue to meet people’s greatest needs.

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Media Contacts:

ALM Division (Serving Alabama, Louisiana & Mississippi)
Mark Jones
Divisional Public Relations Director

Office: 601-961-7709
Cellular: 601-278-2100

KTN Division (Serving Kentucky, Tennessee & Northwest Georgia)

Kimberly George
Divisional PIO/Director of Marketing and Development

Chattanooga, TN Area Command

Office: 423-756-1023
Cellular: 423-503-1801

GEO Division (Serving Georgia)

Valerie Johnson
Divisional Director of Public Relations

Office: 678-418-4671
Cellular: 678-735-0480

AOK Division (Serving Arkansas & Oklahoma)
Cindy Fuller
Divisional Marketing and Public Relations Director

Office: 405-254-1156
Cellular: 405-830-6549