The Salvation Army’s Three-Day Relief Effort Ends With Breakfast For Greyhound Passengers

Atlanta, GA – Wednesday morning, The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services ended its three-day emergency meal and hydration service with breakfast for the more than 300 passengers stranded at Greyhound’s Forsyth Station in Atlanta.

Since Monday evening, The Salvation Army, The Atlanta Jail and other City Agencies delivered nearly 1000 blankets and bottled waters to the passengers. Many of the passengers had been stranded there since early Monday.

“The City has now taken over the efforts to provide meals and hotel service for the passengers, and we’ll remain available to provide additional relief as needed,” explains Janeane Schmidt, Executive Director of The Salvation Army Red Shield Shelter, who has been leading the relief efforts.

Schmidt says the three-day relief efforts have strained the program’s existing food supply. The organization is hoping delivery trucks will soon be able to make it pass the icy roads to replenish the shelter’s food pantry.

In addition to the Greyhound Relief Work, The Salvation Army continues to operate an emergency Cold Weather Program for Atlanta’s Homeless at its Red Shield Services Facility in downtown Atlanta.  An additional 75 cots and breakfasts are made available to transient homeless from 10:30pm-6am on days when the temperature falls below 40 degrees.

For more information on The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta Area Command, or to make a monetary donation, visit, or call 404-486-2900.