Happy Birthday, Dustin Hoffman!

Happy Birthday, Dustin Hoffman!

On This Day In History, August 8

In 1937, Dustin Hoffman was born. In a CBS News interview, Hoffman talks about his early career when he took acting classes and bought his clothes at The Salvation Army! The Salvation Army clothed Dustin Hoffman!!

Hoffman quoted on Twitter: “The money I save buying clothes at…Salvation Army goes into investments, or kid’s education.”

Happy Birthday Dustin Hoffman

Happy Birthday, Dustin Hoffman!

On This Day In History—August 10

Happy Birthday to Antonio Banderas!!!!

Antonio Banderas was born today in 1960. Banderas supported The Salvation Army during the Christmas campaign in partnership with Walmart by making a short commerical encouraging to give. Thanks for Doing The Most Good, Mr. Banderas!