On This Day In History‚ÄĒJune 25


In 1630, Governor Winthrop of Massachusetts introduced the fork in colonial America as a dining utensil. It took a while for it to be widely accepted, and only having 2 tines, some called it a split spoon. What would we do without the fork today?

Southern Spirit TV Episode 19

Commissioning Weekend 2012 Recap!

Salvation Army Today‚ÄĒJune 21, 2012


This week features volunteers from Williamson County, Texas. Doing The Most Good!

On This Day In History‚ÄĒJune 13: Happy Birthday, Tim Allen!


Tim Allen, actor/comedian, was born June 13, 1953. Earlier this year, Tim Allen was a guest celebrity for The Salvation Army’s 25th Annual Bed & Bread Club Radiothon to fight hunger & homelessness in Detroit. $1,733,997 was raised with Tim Allen generously donating $15,000 in support of the critical services provided by the Bed & Bread program.

Every dollar raised during the Radiothon goes directly to the Bed & Bread program, which serves approximately 1.7 million meals every year to men, women & children that would otherwise go without. The program also provides nearly 167,000 nights of shelter annually.

On This Day In History‚ÄĒJune 12

One year ago today, the Dallas Mavericks beat the Heat in Game 6 of the NBA Finals to win their first championship! Fan favorite Dirk Nowitzki became the Finals MVP. The Mavs will be handing over their trophy soon to new champions, but for a few more days, the Dallas Mavericks are still the NBA champions!

On This Day In History‚ÄĒJune 8

Former First Lady Barbara Bush was born in 1925. In an interview on ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos in 2006, The First Lady Barbara talks about doing the Lord’s work with The Salvation Army, “Working for God may not pay much, but the retirement benefits are out of this world.” Former President George Bush said, “When we’re talking about something like The Salvation Army, it transcends politics. It’s just opening our hearts to people that need help…” Source

On This Day In History‚ÄĒJune 7

One this Day in History: Happy Birthday Bear Grylls, born June 7, 1974. The star of Man vs Wild is a Christian and describes his faith as the “backbone” in his life. Grylls is also a spokesperson for the Alpha Course, a course complete by more than 13 million people worldwide which explores the basics of the Christian faith.


Salvation Army Today‚ÄĒJune 7, 2012


This week covers a mobile feeding program in Illinois, war in the Republic of Congo, service following the Nigerian plane crash, and the story of a father, mother, and daughter all training to be Salvation Army officers.

On This Day In History‚ÄĒJune 4

On This Day In History: 1948, In Manilla, the first missionary radio station built in the Philippines by the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) first went on the air.

Did you know The Salvation Army has radio ministries across the US and internationally? The ministry program is called ‘Wonderful Words of Life’ or WWOL, in spanish it is ‘Maravillosas Palabras De Vida’ or MPDV, reaching the multitudes over the airwaves!